Sneaker Doodlez™

Custom designed canvas shoes


    I charge for the cost of the artwork and shipping if applicable.

How to order:

1.  Email for the price of the artwork and if any shipping is needed.

2.  You will need to provide the shoes. That way you know they fit.

3. Complete and send the order form and payment with the shoes.


    You provide the canvas shoes and I’ll color them.


The shoes are colored with permanent marker. I have submerged the shoes in water to test the ink and the shoes have passed the test. Scotch Guarding the shoes resulted in some of the ink bleeding.

I have colored on Mossimo (found at Target), Converse ,Vans, Keds & Toms

Each pair takes about 3-5 days to color. Turn around time depends on how many shoes are ahead of yours.